Time for a twist on the Old Fashioned: the Tobacco Rum Old Fashioned. I was able to enjoy this one when I went to Sugarcane in Las Vegas over the 4th of July weekend. This was actually an unexpected find since I came to Sugarcane for a bit of a breakfast after a concert the night before.

First, the recipe:

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum
Angostura Bitters
Homemade Cigar Bitters

Now, what first piqued my interest in this one is the cigar bitters, and not just because I enjoy cigars and tobacco pipe on occasion. And Las Vegas is definitely one of those places to enjoy hanging out poolside with a cigar and whiskey. While it’s the bitters which intrigued me to this Old Fashioned, the rum admittedly threw me off a bit.

At first smell, the first thing I notice is the fresh citrus from the orange peel alongside a slight sweet smokiness. Definitely a good start to a solid cocktail. Upon tasting it, the rum definitely takes hold, with the bitters adding a beneficial boldness to the flavor profile. Only thing which tastes a little odd, for me, is the maple because it doesn’t seem like a necessary flavor. Which is because I would think the sugarcane taste of rum would have been sufficient in regards to sweetness. Though I am curious if a bit of molasses would hit just the right note. Between the smokiness and rum, I can definitely recommend trying this Old Fashioned at least once.

Now, I actually tried this the day after Canada Day (cheers to 150 years!) and was wanting to know how a Maple Old Fashioned would taste. Essentially a bit of pure maple syrup in place of the sugar. Trying it with rum instead of whiskey doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect, so now to try it at home as a Rye Maple Old Fashioned.

Interesting side note: Sugarcane is also the place where my husband and I were introduced to frozen mimosas. Which is an idea we’ll be having fun playing around with a bit. Which means you’ll see frozen mimosa recipes here soon. Cheers!

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