Up for making something flavorful at home? Try your hand at some bitters! In this case, let’s hone in on the cardamom spice.

Let’s first start with the ingredients I used, but can be adjusted a bit to fit your liking.

the spices

– 3 ounces of hulled cardamom seeds, by weight
– couple strands of saffron
– bay leaf
– a clove

I set these in half a cup of vodka. Though a different grain alcohol could work if you want to experiment. Next time, I’m thinking of using a very simple rye whiskey since I tend to favor whiskey based cocktails.

The hardest part of this process (aside from waiting) is gonna be taking the cardamom seeds out of their pods. I did also grind them with a mortar and pestle just enough to open the aroma of the seeds.

mix Add the spices (except the saffron) together with the vodka in a glass container which can be tightly sealed. You’ll want to add the saffron during the last day of the process.

set Place the mixture aside in a room temperature spot, preferably in a darker spot which doesn’t receive sunlight. Let the mixture meld together for three to four days, and lightly shake each day to make sure everything is grooving together.

strain Once the few days have passed, it’s time to send it to the strainers! I used a coffee filter which I folded to fit in a funnel put over a pint glass. Once filtered, put some in a small glass with a dropper for easy access and put the rest in a glass jar/bottle with a tight seal. Letting it chill in your liquor cabinet works great.

While this is an excellent addition to cocktails, this also tastes great in coffee (even iced and cold brew). Feel free to experiment!

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