Even though it just recently ended, this is a quick throwback to the 2018 Winter Olympics. I say it’s a throwback for no other reason than I was enjoying this maple old fashioned while watching curling, which made the Canadian in me pleased.

Location of this cocktail is the Red Bar inside Hotel Irvine, which is where I stopped by after a birthday party (with good cigars aplenty) at a different bar in the same hotel. The Red Bar had a selection of three barrel aged old fashioned cocktails, and I decided to try the maple variety this time around.

I lapsed in writing down the exact recipe for this, so there will be a return visit. Biggest thing I remember is the use of maple syrup instead of sugar, and I’m pretty sure I remember something about orange bitters. So exact recipe here is pending a repeat visit.

worth the experience
One can tell this drink is being prepared by the smell of oak smoke cutting through the air. The presentation is rather nifty with the cocktail being in a Crown Royal bottle that is otherwise filled with smoke to really ensure the smokey aspect of the drink. Then just pour it yourself into the glass over the ice sphere. This drink definitely has a classic feel and taste, with the maple adding just the right amount of flavor rather than being overpowering.

2020 update
I would have recommended trying this next time you’re in the Irvine area, but they unfortunately discontinued this drink. And that was before the pandemic. *womp womp*

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