Spocktails? Spocktails.

Ready for a fun time? If you ever find yourself in Vegas needing something to do (hard to imagine, I know), then do stop by the Cosmopolitan and see the show Opium. And while the show feels like a trip, enjoy one of the spocktails to help you enjoy the experience.

I decided to try the Elon Muskow Mule, and the fact it comes in a bag was a pleasant surprise. Definitely packs a pucker, which is great, but somehow tasted better than I expected. Yeah, the fact that it’s blue does make me think of a blue raspberry slurpee, though this does taste better.

Now, I imagine the spocktials menu changes on occasion, just the like show isn’t the same each time (it is Vegas after all). So it would be fun to go again.

elon moskow muleopium spocktailsspocktails

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