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Eats Kitchen & Bar – Irvine, CA

Time for a twist with the Oaxaca Old Fashioned, using tequila and mezcal instead of whiskey.

loma azul reposado tequila
la bendicion mezcal
agave nectar
angostura bitters
orange zest

oaxaca old fashioned
I’ve been to Eats Kitchen & Bar a few times before to meet up with friends for happy hour. Last week, they actually created a seasonal change in the happy hour menu and added this Oaxaca Old Fashioned. Which I think is rather awesome when places are willing to experiment with this and other cocktails. Which is great, but how does it taste?

Taste Review
Definitely hits strong in terms of taste and alcohol content. I admit it did remind me of a traditional simple margarita sans lime because of the agave taste, but with a more sophisticated palette given from the angostura bitters. Something I appreciate with this drink is that it’s not very sweet. Garnished only with an orange peel, which is perfectly fine and was just a nice aesthetic that reminded me that yes, it’s still an Old Fashioned variation.

Would I say it’s worth trying again? Yes. Not quite as memorable as a traditional Old Fashioned, but is an amazing twist for a hot summer night.

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