Trying to stay cool this summer? A minty simple syrup will definitely help! Plus, it’s versatile and can be used for cocktails, coffee, or tea, etc.

a cup worth of loosely packed fresh mint leaves
one cup of water
half to one cup of white or brown sugar

The amount of sugar you use really depends on your sweetness preference. Traditional simple syrup typically calls for a one to one ratio of water to sugar.

Mix all the ingredients together in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and stir frequently to ensure the sugar and mint don’t burn. Once all the sugar has thoroughly dissolved, take the mixture off the heat and cover. Let this mixture steep for about an hour or two, which also allows time for it to cool enough for bottling.

For straining, a coffee filter over a coffee dripper or mesh strainer works well. Mostly, we’re just trying to filter out the mint leaves so they’re not floating around in your drink. So use whichever strainer you have and prefer using. A bottle with stopper works great for storing this simple syrup in the fridge (I use one which I got from IKEA). The simple syrup will typically last several weeks in the fridge.

Want some ideas for use?
– A spoonful tastes great in coffee, and even with some flavors of tea.
– Mix a spoonful or two with flavored club soda over ice (refreshing during hot days).
– Can even be mixed into cocktails, such as a mint julep.
– Or even mix it into some hot cocoa when the weather is cooler.

Cocktail recipe ideas with this mint simple syrup will be coming soon.

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