The holidays may have passed, but a seasonal menu is something which I believe doesn’t have to be restricted to a time of year. Thus is true when it comes to cocktail recipes which include eggnog.

This review in particular is for the Kilted Nog cocktail.

Monkey Shoulder Scotch
Egg Nog
Spiced Syrup
Cinnamon and Orange

Now I know what you may be thinking. Scotch in a cocktail with egg nog? That does not sound like it would work. But somehow it does! Now, I’m naturally curious and I already like Monkey Shoulder as an inexpensive everyday scotch. Egg nog is something I enjoy the taste of but find the texture kind of odd.

Amazingly smooth and I was kinda surprised how well it blended together. The texture was the on thinner side, which is good, since egg nog typically does best when it’s not the only thing in the drink.

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