On a recent trip to Vancouver, BC, I made a stop by the restaurant called Honey Salt. Which is located in the JW Marriott hotel in downtown.

The recipe is rather straight forward and simple, which is excellent.

Bulleit Bourbon
Angostura Bitters
Orange Twist
Cocktail Cherry

Now, I did stop in a couple times, and so this drink really does vary depending on which bartender is mixing. So I’ll make a little bit of a comparison between the first and second round.

The first time I went, the Old Fashioned was nicely strong and not diluted, but was honestly a little syrupy and sweet. Upon going on another night and getting the same drink? Much better all around, the whiskey really came through on this one, and had a refreshing hint of orange which came through mostly in the smell.

Overall enjoyable, would recommend.

honey salt vancouver

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