Death in the Afternoon: definitely a drink suited for the afternoon when you just need to take some time off. This is a drink I decided to make over the New Year break since a certain bubbly drink was definitely in the house over the long weekend anyway.

Death In The Afternoon Recipe
one jigger absinthe
one flute champagne

It’s super easy to make this drink: pour yourself your normal amount of champagne and top with 1-2 ounces of absinthe. I took some liberty with this since I bought Cava Brut and currently only have Herbsaint. Seriously, work with what you have! Me being me, I enjoy chilled drinks so I added a couple ice cubes.

Definitely more about how it makes you feel rather than how it tastes. For me, the taste is a bit flat. Essentially a toned down champagne taste with a hint of anise. Noticed it really numbs the frontal nasal passages rather quickly though, so that’s the benefit. The lore/allure to this drink is that Hemingway would suggest drinking five of these drinks, hence death in the afternoon.


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